Core Team

Government Lead: Minister Didier Dogley
Minister, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (MEECC)
Government of Seychelles is leading the MSP process. The MSP rests under the portfolio of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. Minister Dogley is the Chair of the Executive Committee.

Minister Dogley has held and served in several key posts in Government including Director General for Nature Conservation and Principal Secretary of Environment. He was chairperson of the National Planning Authority, Waste and Landscape management Agency and the National Parks Committee. Furthermore he served on several boards of national importance such as the Seychelles Tourism Board, the Island Development Company. He was the Founding Chairman of the Non-government Organisation called Plant Conservation Action Group; a botanical association, which seeks to promote the conservation and protection of the endemic and indigenous flora of Seychelles.  Minister Dogley holds a Diplom-ingenieur in Landscape Architect at the University of Applied Science, in Erfurt, Germany, M.Sc. in Landscape Management at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, and a Diploma in Management at the Seychelles Institute of Management, now the University of Seychelles.

Co-Chair: Mr. Alain de Comarmond
Principal Secretary for Environment, MEECC. Mr De Comarmond is the Co-Chair of the MSP Steering Committee.

Mr. De Comarmond’s area of expertise lies in general environmental science and management issues. Through various responsibilities within the Ministry responsible for Environment he has worked and discharged responsibilities in coastal management and adaptation, development control and environmental Impact Assessment, disaster management, pollution control, climate change. He is presently the head of the Environment Department responsible for biodiversity conservation and management.  Mr. de Comarmond received a BSc (Hons) Environmental Management, University of Wolverhampton,U.K.

Co-Chair: Mr. Wills Agricole
Principal Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, MEECC. Mr Agricole is the Co-Chair of the MSP Steering Committee.

Mr. Agricole started work as a Meteorological Assistant in 1976 and went to all the different cadres’ in Meteorology until he was promoted to PS Energy and Climate Change in 2012. His main domaine of expertise are meteorology and Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation and International Climate Change Negotiations.  Mr. Agricole has a Masters in Tropical Meteorology at Ecole Nationale de la Meteorologie, Toulouse, France, a WMO Class II Diploma, has attended several trainings in meteorology at University of Miami, ILO Institute and UNESCO, and is trained in Climate Change negotiations and administration.

Project Director: Mr. Matt Brown
Africa Conservation Director, The Nature Conservancy

Mr. Brown provides oversight for the three components of TNC’s Seychelles project: MSP, SeyCCAT & Debt Swap, and is the The Nature Conservancy‘s legal representative responsible also for national government relations.  Matt Brown is the Deputy Director for TNC’s Africa Region. In this role, Matt overseas the conservation team that manages TNC conservation projects in priority places with local partners. He creates the link between needs on the ground and TNC organizational resources that can be applied to help scale-up impact and deliver lasting conservation results. Prior to this position, Matt spend 10 years working with the US Department of the Interior on US domestic land use planning efforts on public lands in the western US. He worked for the United Nations in Eritrea and was a Peace Corps forestry volunteer in northern Ghana. His areas of expertise also include Conservation Priority Setting, Adaptive Management, Africa Offices, Agricultural Conservation Practices, Agriculture Conservation Practices, Conservation.  Mr. Brown received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Colby College, Indiana University – School of Public & Environmental Affairs

Process and Science Lead: Dr. Joanna Smith
Director Ocean Planning and Mapping, TNC Canada (The Nature Conservancy)

Dr Joanna Smith is the Seychelles MSP Process and Science Lead and has overall responsibilty for developing the marine spatial plan and designing the process including stakeholder engagement, zoning design and management considerations. She is responsible for developing planning tools, and technical or scientific products to support decision-making in the planning process, and incorporating input from stakeholders, other scientists, and local knowledge.  Dr. Smith is the Director of Ocean Planning and Mapping for TNC Canada, providing leadership for ocean use planning and marine spatial planning with TNC’s Global Oceans Team. She has more than 20 years of experience in marine ecology and almost 10 years in marine spatial planning.   Dr Smith supports MSP processes in Canada, Seychelles, Palau, Caribbean, Indonesia and Mexico.  She was the Marine Ecologist and Science Supervisor for TNC’s Washington chapter in Seattle, USA, leading the science to support marine planning on the continental shelf and developing spatial prioritisation models to identify conservation priorities.  As a private consultant, Dr. Smith was the Science Coordinator to the Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast (MaPP) in British Columbia and owner of Birdsmith Ecological Research, a company she founded for scientific research, conservation, and education.  Joanna has worked as an at-sea fisheries observer on trawl vessels, and developed seabird bycatch reduction regulations for gillnet and longline fisheries in Canada.  Joanna received a Ph.D in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences from University of Washington, Seattle, USA, an M.Sc. in Biology from University of Victoria, and B.Sc. in Biology and Environmental Studies from University of Victoria, Canada.

Project Manager: Ms. Helena Sims
Seychelles MSP Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy

Ms Sims is the project manager of the MSP. She is responsible for implementing and achieving the MSP initiative by overseeing and representing TNC in relationships with Government agencies, NGO and corporate stakeholders and working closely with the MSP advisory committees. She serves as the secretary to the MSP Steering Committee. She assists in funding proposals, research grants and coordination with other projects. Ms. Sims supports the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT).  Ms Sims has work experience in Marine Conservation Biology and Project Management. Upon her return from University she has worked at the Research section at the current Seychelles National Parks Authority, as a Project coordinator at the Green Islands Foundation NGO and managing a 4 year GoS-UNDP-GEF Protected Areas Project.  Ms. Sims received a BSc in Marine Biology Advanced from the James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

GIS and Spatial Analyst: Mr. Rick Tingey
Principal, Spatial Support Systems

Mr. Tingey provides geospatial data management, analysis, and cartographic support to the MSP process. His efforts provide a technical foundation that supports a quantitative approach to the development of Seychelles’ marine zoning design, and integrates feedback received from the process stakeholders. Mr. Tingey advises planning teams on spatial analysis techniques and procedures, and provides ongoing GIS training and technical support to our partners, to ensure the successful use and implementation of the products that we deliver. Mr. Tingey is currently engaged in First Nations’ GIS program development in Canada and has depth of experience in natural resource planning in diverse geographies including Alaska and the southwestern United States, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada, Republic of Seychelles, Namibia (southwestern Africa), Central and South America, and the Caribbean Basin.  Mr. Tingey received a BSc in geography from the University of Utah, USA.

GIS and Data Custodian:  Mr. Justin Prosper
Principal GIS Officer, MEECC

Mr. Prosper has almost 20 years of experience working with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing in the Seychelles, especially in the environmental field.  Mr. Prosper has experience and very good knowledge in mapping both terrestrial and marine environments of which his interest lies with the latter environment. Mr. Prosper also has good language and communicating skills which facilitates the GIS related trainings and lectures he gives.  His current post at the Department of Climate Change , MEECC, also entails data management and as such he oversees the management of the  GEO-database along with other data repositories of the Ministry. He is the data manager on behalf of MEECC for the MSP initiative in Seychelles. Mr. Prosper received an M.Sc. in Geographical Information Science from University of Edinburgh, UK and B.Sc. in Geography with Specialisation in Geo-informatics from Universite de Sherbrooke, QC, Canada.

Administrative Support: Mrs. Sabrina Renaud
Ministerial Secretariat, MEECC  

Ms. Renaud provides administrative and logistical support to the MSP, and has been a member of the MSP Core Team since 2014.  Ms. Renaud has more than 15 years’ experience in assisting with administrative and logistical support whilst organizing workshops/trainings/meetings.  She has been working with the Ministry of Environment for the past 9 years.  Ms. Renaud holds a Diploma in Management.

The Nature Conservancy and TNC Canada are facilitating the MSP process.