Gazetting Phase 1

MSP Phase 1 outputs include identifying new marine protection areas for the Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone, a zoning design, allowable activities, and management considerations.  A nomination file was submitted to Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change for public review.  Copies of the maps and full package can be inspected during normal working hours at the following places:

(1) Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change at the Botanical Gardens, Mont Fleuri, Mahe

(2) Department of the Environment, Fond B’Offay, Praslin

Any person who wishes to may submit written comments to the Principal Secretary of Environment Department, Botanical Gardens, Mont Fleuri.

Deadline: 17 January 2018

The nomination package can be found below.
Click here for a link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDFs below.

Phase 1 Nomination Package – Maps and Descriptions
Click here to view (2 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Table of Contents
Historical Background
Annex I: Seychelles’ History of protected area legislation
    Annex II: MSP Timelines and milestones
    Annex III: Proposed zone categories for the Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan
Map Aldabra Group
Map Amirantes to Fortune Bank
Description and scientific merit
Proposed marine protected areas
    General location
    Objective of protected status
    Area description and rationale for designation
    Existing protections and zones
    Marine biodiversity analyses
    Current uses
    Social and cultural values
    Current scientific research and facilities
    Allowable activities and management considerations
List of Stakeholder meetings

Phase 1 Nomination Package – Annexes
Click here to view (5.6 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Annex 1: Identifying new marine protected areas
Annex 2: Summary of stakeholder input incorporated in to the plan 2014-2017
Annex3: Biodiversity and stakeholder data summary tables and figures
Annex 4: Phase 1 General Management Considerations
Annex 5: Area-based Management Considerations for Aldabra Group
Annex 6: Area-based Management Considerations for Amirantes to Fortune Bank
Annex 7: Allowable Activities Table

Nomination package is for information and discussion purposes only. Document is subject to approval by Government of Seychelles.