Planning Scale & Scope

The planning covers the 1,374,000 square kilometers of the Seychelles’ Exclusive Economic Zone  (EEZ) and Territorial Sea.  The Territorial Sea is about 47,000 square kilometers and accounts for 3.5 percent of the EEZ.  Planning in Phase 1 is being done at a coarse scale to address broad ecological, economic and social objectives all of Seychelles’ waters.  All waters within the Territorial Sea are Interim Zone 2: Medium Biodiversity & Sustainable Uses in Phase 1.  Planning in Phase 2 will refine the marine plan and zoning design throughout the EEZ and Territorial Sea, identifing zones for high and medium biodiversity protection areas.

Planning tools are built on a spatial data framework focused on the five key marine themes in Seychelles, as developed through stakeholder consultations:

  1. FISHERIES: artisanal, semi-industrial, industrial, sport, recreational, aquaculture
  2. BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION:  habitats, species, ecological processes
  3. INFRASTRUCTURE AND PUBLIC UTILITIES: ports, renewable energy, maritime security, shipping
  4. NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES:  petroleum, mining
  5. TOURISM & RECREATION: marine charters, recreational activities

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