Governance Framework

The governance and process structure of the Seychelles MSP Initiative has a number of components, including an Executive Committee, Steering Committee, Technical Working Groups and stakeholder advice and engagement (see Governance Framework, below). The Nature Conservancy and TNC Canada provide process design and facilitation, technical outputs and scientific advice, fund-raising and communications, and administrative support for the MSP Initiative in support of the Government of Seychelles.

High level decisions for the MSP Initiative are taken by Executive Committee. The MSP Steering Committee provides technical advice and reviews technical outputs. Three Technical Working Groups provide ecological and socio-economic input and advice on planning outputs and assist with developing planning products for the MSP.  Members of the Technical Working Groups include marine and terrestrial ecologists, economists, environmental non-governmental organisations, and private sector representatives for fishing, oil & gas, tourism, ports, renewable energy, and economic development.

For a list of the participating government ministries and stakeholder organisations or groups, see the Stakeholders page.

Seychelles MSP Governance Framework (updated: October 2016)

Seychelles MSP Governance Framework (updated: October 2016)








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