Photo courtesy of Crew of 9G, Seychelles.

Photo courtesy of Crew of 9G, Seychelles.

Marine planning is an iterative process that occurs over a number of years, from identifying the need to plan, approving and implementing the plan, and revising and adapting the plan. MSP can be thought of as a series of inter-linked activities and iterative steps, where stakeholders are an integral component of its success. Plans are developed and then monitored, adapted and revised over time as new information or data become available or improves, new objectives or values emerge that are important to marine users, and with changes in marine uses or activities.

General steps for Seychelles Marine Spatial Planning (adapted from UNESCO 2009):

  1. Identify need and establish authority
  2. Obtain financial support
  3. Organise the planning process
  4. Organise stakeholder participation
  5. Define and analyse existing conditions
  6. Define and analyse future conditions
  7. Prepare and approve a marine plan
  8. Implement and enforce a marine plan
  9. Monitor and evaluate performance of a plan
  10. Revise and adapt a marine plan.

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